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A new painting process for high quality manufacturing of interior woods


The varnishing technology for interior woods in the furnishing industries is more and more developing towards higher production safety and quality levels. New types of aqueous base varnishes and ultraviolet (UV) drying systems specifically designed for interior woods have been developed which can achieve good results regarding the environmental problem. The main environmental drawback arises from the emissions in the external environment due to pre-treatments and sanding-sealers for high quality coatings. High quality furnishing industries still lack varnishes and varnishing processes which could fully guarantee the customers' requirements. The main aim of this project is to develop a new varnishing system (organic particles solvent free, fastly UV polymerising, sprayable), starting from the resin for sanding-sealers, allowing application (through a specifically designed spraying machine and drying line) on different types of surfaces and shapes and increasing productivity.

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