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Ruckfuhrung gebrauchter Verpckungen, Zuschnitte aund Bauabfalle aus EPS innerhalb eines geschlossenen Produktzyklus in Neuware fur das Bau- und Baunebengewerbe


At the moment used expandable polystyrene (-EPS, "Styropor" = brand name of BASF) is only recycled in small quantities to be used again in the EPS product range. In those product ranges where this material is used we find a quality decrease compared to new material due to the fact that the recycling material is shreddered and then mixed into the formulation. This ends up with a deterioration of the welding process and following a loss of material flexibility. This means a negative effect on the complete product characteristics. Assumably the consumption of EPS in the building industry will increase during the commencing years due to stricter regulations in the heat insulation field. Thus the sale of recycling materials in this field is ensured when it is determined that the recycling process does not harm the product characteristics. An additional purpose is the fact that EPS can be recognized by the user and therefore used EPS can be collected separately. Due to this we find sufficient quantities of used material for recycling. The main aim of our research and development project is to reduce quality problems of recycling material as far as possible by returning the used EPS into the melting process. The material we gain here should be equivalent to new polystyrene. This shall be reached by using various admixtures and a new evacuant during the melting process. The result shall be a new granulate which can again be foamed up. JOMA and Goidinger are ready to participate in this development process. Additional partners shall be looked for and found during this first project step.

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