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Microfiltration of water using novel techniques to improve efficiency


There is a great need for improved filtration equipment especially for water applications. The environmental implications of water borne contaminants are becoming increasingly severe whether the contaminants are large or small. In the UK for example Integrated Pollution Control is being brought in now. The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) aims to provide that all EC member states should provide collection systems and secondary treatment for all inland areas with populations greater than 2000. At present filtration systems are limited by the combination of throughput and particle size unless very large filters are used at great expense. In order to provide cost effective filtration of water and to remove many particles that at present are not removed R&D needs to be carried out to solve the problems of filter blocking which at present holds up progress. The major objectives of the proposal are to be able to filter out bacteria and other fine waste products from water and to improve the filtration rate by an order of magnitude.


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