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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Microdrilling of hard metals


Precision engineering companies that are drilling and machining components to a very high specification have a strong need for better techniques. In the case of Higar Engineering, a precision engineering company, it is especially important to be able to drill small components and especially those with very hard substrates. For drilling applications it is necessary to be able to drill holes smaller than can currently be achieved. The present state of the art for hole drilling mechanically is about 200u diameter. Even this is difficult to achieve if the substrate is very hard and / or if the thickness to be drilled is greater than about lmm, representing a 5:1 depth to diameter ratio. One objective of this proposal is to be able to drill holes of diameter less than 125u at depths of lmm. The second objective is to be able to drill very hard materials (Rc greater than about 50) with good surface finish.

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Higar Engineering and Automation Ltd.
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