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Recycling of blasted grit in solid construction materials


Grit from blasting surfaces is contaminated with paint, corroded metals, etcetera and cannot be disposed as normal building waste. This material is now stored at special locations as chemical waste or burned in special incinerators. Goal of the project is to investigate the use of grit in cementitious products (concrete, bricks, roads) to solve the disposal problem and to improve the building products. Because of the fine particles the material can fill pores and improve therefore the mechanical properties as well as acoustical advantages and heatstorage in the material. Additionally the immobilisation of the toxic substances will be proved. Also the future liability will be subject of the research for further demolition (re-use, separation techniques). On the basis of the developed formulations and achieved properties of he samples (laboratory scale) final products will be selected for further development.


Eurostaal Roermond BV
6040 KE Roermond