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Development of an innovative integrated PRoperty MEasuring transponder, for non-contact monitoring of material quality


Maintenance activities and costs in buildings are largely determined by the influence of moisture on constructing materials. For instance (parts of) window frames are replaced due to wood-rot caused by funghi. Also the lifespan or performance of other construction materials such as concrete and insulation are influenced by moisture. There are techniques to support maintenance activities. However, they measure the relative moisture percentage with a low degree of precision and reliability. Moreover, the present measurement technique is of a destructing character since it damages protecting coatings because of penetration in the material. Proposers want to realize a new measuring system that is based on an integrated measurement and transmitting device that can realize non-contact monitoring of moisture content, temperature (or other properties) in different construction materials. Through measuring of impedance as a function of moisture content, high precision (0,5 % deviation) and reliability of measurement results can be obtained. This gives insight in the state of the product, construction, building etc. in which the material is used. Through preventive maintenance endurance of materials could increase tremendously. By implantation of a transmitting monitoring device in the material, non-contact monitoring of properties becomes possible. This is only possible if an innovative technique of integrated measuring and transmitting that works on an extremely low energy-level, is realised. As especially valuable environmental impact is seen the possible replacement of tropical wood and other environmentally unfriendly materials in construction (PVC) by softwood. On the basis of a life cycle analysis on instruction of the Ministry of Environment in the Netherlands, soft wood appears to be the environmentally most preferable option.

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