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Continuous Industrial Process for the Recycling of the Active Salts and Water in Galvano Processes


The general objective: the investigation and the development of an economic acceptable continuous and automatable industrial process, using ion exchange membranes, resins and electricity, for the recovery of the active salts from the rinsing water of galvano processes, the recycling of the purified water to the galvano reactor and rinsing basins, hereby severely reduces the process water consumption, increasing the safety and preventing the spoilage of hazardous materials in the environment. Specific objectives: * identification of applicable resins and ion exchange membranes for the separation of the salts and the water, and establishment of their efficiency and characteristics; * validation of the technical and economic effectiveness of the newly developed process over existing processes. It is estimated that through recycling, the total volume of water consumption will decrease 4 to 5 times; * reincorporation of the recovered salts in concentrated form in the manufacturing of the galvano salts; * development of a methodology for the quick evaluation of ion exchange membranes and resins as a function of the galvano process.

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