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Electronic control suspensions system design method development for motorcycle safety increase


The objective of this project consists in the development of a technology for the design and production of so-called "intelligent" suspensions for motorcycles with electronic control of dampening and springs obtaining a significant increase in motorcycle safety. This project is intended to be developed through successive objectives corresponding to different phases: A) Adjustable dampers/Springs: this first phase can widely take advantage from already-existing technologies used in the automotive sector and applied to highly industrialized products. B) Semi-active Suspensions: development of semi-active suspensions: these ones consist in a mechanism dissipating energy able to supply continuous-adjustment of dampening. C) Active suspensions: development of active suspension: these ones envisage the replacement of the traditional spring-shock-absorber system by an hydraulic actuator controlled by an electronic panel receiving information from sensors which control the variation of speed and acceleration of characteristic parameters.


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