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Investigation on ceramic tools for carpect manufacturing


At present only metal tools are being used in the tufting industry. Ceramic tools have proved their resistance to wear in other areas of the textile industry. A hurdle which has prevented them from being used as cutting tools in the past was the unfavourable brittle fracture behaviour. By using an advanced production technology and specially composed components, it is possible to design materials with a high degree of hardness and improved fracture toughness. Compared to cemented carbide and steel the resistance against abrasion and chemical wear at the cutting edge shows further advantages. If the abrasion behaviour of the materials mentioned-steel, hard alloy and ceramics is looked upon concerning a highly abrasive yam it shows that the ceramics is by far the smallest. To take advantage of this for a tufting tool, it is necessary to pay attention to special instructions referring to the design of Ceramic tools. The use of Ceramic tips for this application is new. The design differs widely of the one in other application fields. It is especially important that the application conditions which are present are representative and typical for the textile industry so that the basis for further application possibilities will be created.

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