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Integral recycle of CD rejects and obsolete CD's into re-usable raw materials


Rejects from production of Compact Discs and other polycarbonate based laser-optional information carriers as well as obsolete CD's are currently scrapped and incinerated or dumped. Only a small fraction of the polycarbonate is recycled to lower grade polycarbonate Full recycle of the polycarbonate and auxiliary materials will constitute a huge savings potential for raw materials plus additional savings in waste water treatment costs. A further intrinsical advantage of the controlled recycle of obsolete CD's is the recovery of prepaid royalties. Above benefits will become more important in the future when the expected higher production volume of polycarbonate-based CD's will materialise (e.g. doubling by the year 2000). Environmental considerations will also provide a great incentive towards full recycle. This is the challenge of the proposed project: develop a closed-loop total concept in which the key element is a highly automated recycle system that converts both CD-rejects and obsolete CD's into directly re-usable raw materials.


A.V.P. Recycling BV
6130 AP Sittard