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Asbestos Break Down Installation


The proposed project aimed at the development of a dust free installation to break down asbestos fibre. The new machine will allow the decomposition of asbestos containing materials when removed from buildings or other structures. Asbestos can cause cancer when asbestos dust is distributed in the atmosphere, which makes it a threat to public health. The proposed installation in this project will allow asbestos to be packed dust free (i.e. separated from open air) and decomposed with a removable installation. The installation will decompose the asbestos containing materials and after mixture with water and (if required) a liquid encasing product process the material into liquid sludge that is dust free. The proposed installation will operate according to the following characteristics: installation built in a removable containertment built around the moving parts of the installation under-pressuilling orifice (filter already available on the market) render produfree by adding water and (if required) an encasing product dustrtation from the closed compartment on a screw wheel storage in tlorry or trailer) Orifice dust and over-pressure filter on the tank isavailable on the market The method suggested in this proposal will thus offer the following advantages:
- cost effective and save dust free def asbestos in a closed compartment
- no packing material requiredtallation is on the construction site
- safer road transport as slud voluminous (lower the cost) and is transported dust free in a sealed tank
- safer loading of asbestos containing materials. Workers can put the asbestos in the installation and the actual decomposition is per in the machine

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