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Development of a Low-cost, Industrial Vision Technology Based Pick-and-place Robot for Use of Packaging in the Food-Processing Industry


The objective of the proposed exploratory project is to carry out an industrial research feasibility study and to prepare a Craft proposal to develop a low-cost, industrial vision technology based pick-and-place robot for use of packaging in the food-processing industry. Main design goal is the ability of the robot to be programmed by non-technical personnel, thus allowing the use by SME's in the food-processing industry. Because the robot will be built from standard, off-the-shelf mechanical, electronical and software components, its cost will be minimally 50% less than products, currently on the market. The philosophy behind the development of this robot is to lower the threshold for SME's in the food-processing industry, both technically and economically, to use high-technology equipment in their production process, thus increasing their competitiveness. The exploratory project will be carried out in two main phases over a period of 5 months and will involve direct input from selected industries in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy.


Visser International Trade and Engineering BV
115 A,beneden Havendijk
3295 ZG 'S-gravendeel