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Flexographic Production Support System


Flexography is the fastest growing sector of the printing market. It is used primarily to print packaging on a a wide range of materials and with a wide variety of inks. This diversity makes it very difficult for the printers (primarily SMEs) to predict what will happen when they introduce new mechanical or material elements. Flexography is a comparatively "clean" process as it uses water-based inks rather than the oil or toluene based inks often used in offset or heliogravure This is making it an increasingly attractive choice, but as it is fast-expanding, there is not enough production expertise within the industry to help the companies avoid large amounts of waste as they learn how to run new jobs. The goal of this system is thus to help flexographic printers and suppliers better understand the constraints of the various parts of the production process. It will cover both reel-to-reel printing on plastic film and printing on labels and on cardboard (reels or sheets). The support system will let its users describe the elements they intend to use (rollers, inks, materials, plates,) and will advise them if the job can be expected to run correctly - and if not, why not. FLEXPROSS will help to increase productivity and to reduce waste, as well as helping the partners in the project formalise their diagnostic procedures and optimise their human resources.


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