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PTFE containing motoroils are supposed to improve enginelife and performance by depositing on the piston, cylinder and other engine parts a thin film of PTFE (teflon), which can reduce the internal friction in the combustion motor. With a corresponding saving of gas. The exact nature of how PTFE works in motors have never been assessed. The reduction in gas have only been measured on a quasi scientific level. Investigations made by P. Broste A/S have however revealed that the motoroil with PTFE additives reduces the wear on piston, cylinders etc. compared with traditional motoroils without PTFE. It is the aim of the project to assess how and to what degree PTFE additives form a coating on engine parts. It is furthermore the intention to study the coating effect in relation to different PTFE types and in relation to different oil formulations. The foreseen exploratory project will hopefully give a clear assessment of the working principles of the PTFE additives. In a subsequent RTD project, the partners do intend to formulate and test an optimal motoroil with PTFE additives. The RTD project will also cover the possible use of PTFE additives in transmission oils. It is believed that a commercial product can be marketed within a year after termination of the RTD project. The RTD project is in conformity with several aims of the BRITE-EURAM III programme e.g. area 2.1.2.M 2.1.3.L 2.1.3.S 3.B.3.1.M.

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