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In-Line integration and high level visual intelligence (recognisation and quantification of color and form) into food production and processing systems


It is the intention of the InVIS project to integrate unique visual intelligence algorithms (recognition and quantification of colour and form) into state of the art food production technology. Though computer vision systems have taken over trivial inspection in various food production and processing lines, human visual inspection still remains a major part of quality control in the food industry in general. Ongoing developments in automated visual recognition in other fields, e.g. medico technology and the printing industry, now makes it feasible to improve process control, by supplying advanced decision parameters, based on quantitative visual information, for the process control. This feedback will enable the process control to respond to changes in product appearance before it becomes critical, thus ensuring a uniform and high quality of the processed products and simultaneously reducing waste. This objective may be realized by combining standard industrial components like CCD-cameras, fast PC's, frame grabbers (video digitizers) and further development of new advanced computer software and feedback electronics with state of the art food processing equipment.


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