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Automotive drive using pneumatic batteries with oil hydraulic interface


All the analysis of the environmental, social and economic aspects have shown that a non-polluting car is needed to limit local nuisance concentration and global C02 unbalance, particularly in cities. The aim of the project is to overcome the deadlock of electro-chemical energy storage, to finally be able to develop a zero pollution pneumatic vehicle. This goal should be achieved by the development of new interfaces which would allow to store energy in compressed air with efficiencies similar to state of the art batteries. The thermodynamic efficiency barrier will be torn down by the use of compulsory oil as intermediar fluid combining the three needed functions of thermal inertia, caloric transportation and internal slow movement multiplication. We will get as a result a battery containing no aggressive chemicals and hence easily recyclable, with user benefits of fast refilling, accurate metering of deliverable energy and temperature insensitivity. These works could finally make it possible to open the market of the zero pollution car and, for European car manufacturers, to deeply modify their worldwide market positions.

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