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Cordless voice operated computers for manufacturing operations


The specific industrial objective of this cooperative research project is to design, develop and demonstrate a cordless, voice-operated computer process control system that offers significant productivity and safety improvements over processes which normally require a considerable degree of direct human intervention in order to maintain output quality. There are many such processes throughout the various manufacturing sectors in the European Union. Indeed, nearly 85% of all European industrial manufacturing SME's have some degree of human process control in their key manufacturing operations. This will be achieved through the fulfilment of technical objectives relating to :- the t of a voice recognition system with 99% + accuracy and repeatability in a shop-floor manufacturing environment with high levels of operator physiological stress and acoustic ambient noise the developmne of a computer based voice synthesis system providing clear and positive acoustic feedback of operator requested control actions allowing true "hands free" or "eyes busy" closed loop process control achievof "voice recognition and synthesis on the man" to minimise data transfer times, avoid communication channel brandwidth crowding for multi-operator processes, give fast and efficient process control action to maximise process throughput without compromising quality and increase productivity . achievement of demonstrably successful and stable control interaction and feedback with a variety of different types of process by voice command alone These objectives will be achieved by combining the current "state-of-the-art" in speech recognition, speech synthesis and process control sad developing it further to produce a new technology that (with further post-project development) will be industrially exploitable throughout the European manufacturing sector.


Aptech Ltd.
NE20 9SD Ponteland
United Kingdom