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Qualification of Thermal Spray Coatings


In various sectors of European industry the lacking of simple, reliable qualification tests inhibits innovative solutions for wear and corrosion problems (using coating technology). Various institutes and industrial laboratories all over the world have developed/are using tests for wear and corrosion testing. However, these are expensive and complex and cannot be used for in-house test facilities needed for production control. Therefore these tests are out-of-reach to most SME's, either for product development, in-house coating production, or subcontracted coating manufacturing. The interpretation of the results of these (scientific) tests for a given set of service conditions requires a physical background, the results of those tests are not capable of producing easy to understand data to select or qualify candidate coating materials, to control coating production, or to predict the behaviour of the coating in practice. The thermal spray coating sector in Europe is characterized by hundreds of specialised SME's delivering coated products to larger companies. During the project simple methods for characterisation and testing of thermal spray coatings will be developed to be used by these SME's. The ultimate goal is to increase the coating quality. Both SME's and larger companies will profit from the results of this project, as the improved quality of local subcontracted spray-coating will contribute to an improved competition of the large European companies on the world market. However, simple tests can only be introduced if these tests are based on a recognized scientific background demonstrating coating performance in relation to material composition and microstructure and processing of the coating. The project outcome will be specific to the following industrial application areas: - Large diesel engines - Land based turbines - Hydraulic equipment - Bearings for aggressive environment Partners in the project, representing relevant sectors of industry are expected to forward specific wear and/or corrosion problems for which cases will be defined based on new or existing products. For each case research leading to qualification tests and procedures will be developed, demonstrated, and validated after which they will be implemented with the industrial partners. Validation will include vendor qualification and acceptance procedures. It is expected that the overall turnover in the Thermal Spray sector will increase considerably as a result of this project. Thermal Spray Shops will acquire a better competitive position with end users since the project aims to have some important end users take part in the program to accept the results of the project from a proven enhanced product quality.

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