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Modularisation and containerisation of floating diesel driven electricity power plants for assembly and use in remote areas


Floating diesel-driven powerplants are very complex installations. The building and testing of these installations require extreme skills/know-how and a lead-time from at least three to four years. The installations are nowadays only being built in well industrialized areas, where all necessary know-how is available directly and on-spot. This results in firm lead-times between the powerplant being readily built and the start of its actual operation in the remote-area (mainly Far-Asian) it was ordered for (because of the towing-trip). The RTD-goals of this project can described as: a. electro-technical solutions to subdrive a 'large' powerplant (larger than at least ten megawatt) into smaller power-packs of which groups can easily be integrated to a larger installation that supplies high power outputs b. mechanical and constructional innovation that enable these powerpacks to be assembled to a large powerplant without the need of a high level of skills or know-how c. based on a. and b.: practically applicable work- and test-methods to adjust the integrated iand to bring it into operation. (Nowadays this requires a high-levelhow and skills and cannot be done in remote areas without the in-flighrge specialised staff).

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