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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Advanced Material Combinations for use in water pumps


The objective of the project will be to identify, develop and demonstrate new material configurations which will eventually lead to the improvement of the reliability and durability of water and water based fluid pumps. The aim of the project will be to develop and assess novel material configurations with the necessary mechanical and physical properties to improve the wear characteristics of water and water based fluid pumps. This will involve investigating, exploiting and demonstrating recent advances achieved in material technology. In undertaking the project the emphasis of the research will be on developing a material with sufficient hardness and low lubricity requirement to significantly reduce the amount of adhesive and abrasive wear of moving surfaces. This will eventually help to achieve a pump with higher reliability and lower maintenance requirements. The materials technology will be specifically applied to the components used in positive displacement pumps including centrifugal pumps, propeller pumps and gear pumps. In achieving this, the actual design configuration of these pumps will also be addressed and will undergo experimental development with respect to the materials characteristics employed. As part of the project, work will be undertaken to investigate the use of ceramics, cermets, and other non metalics as low wearing and non corroding component materials. This will include the research and development of materials previously unused for this particular application.

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