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Technologies for crashworthy rail seating


The rail industry is currently implementing standards regarding crash worthiness with the aim of reducing passenger injury levels. It is therefore of fundamental strategic importance that the (SME proposer) manufacturers involved in the fabrication of rail seats are proactive in the design and manufacture of crashworthy rail seating. The technical objectives are: using the state-of-the-art materials engineering and design to develop the novel concept of energy absorbing composite sandwich structures. develop the manufacturing technology to produce samples of these structures, to test the crashworthy structures and determine their improved energy absorption performance. For example current seating, when dynamically tested, can produce neck injury levels above acceptable safety limits. The composite structure will reduce the predicted neck injuries by 27 % and also comply with current weight, load and fire requirements. simulate their impact performance in the example application. develop a materials structure and concept design for crashworthy seating.


Fibrelite Composites Limited
Keighley Road
BD23 2QR Skipton, North Yorkshire
United Kingdom