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Moulding of wood-based composites


The proposed project will develop a material, a manufacturing process, and a prototype equipment to produce consumer articles and industrial products normally made by wood carving or plastic injection moulding. Examples are furniture parts, clog soles and building components. The material developed is a wood-based composite, and one of the challenges in the RTD-work is to develop a composite with only a small content of bonding substance, still maintaining a strong and ductile material. Other challenges are to develop a range of process parameters, a set of tooling and a machine which can form a basis for subsequent industrial production. The proposing partners are a Danish toolmaker and a Swedish designer and manufacturer of plastic parts. The proposers have already identified two potential RTD performers, although they are still conscious that the consortium requires some additional partners in order to be geared ideally for the project. It is suggested that the exploratory phase encompasses both a rather comprehensive research feasibility study to establish a solid project baseline and a proposal expansion.


Bjarne Nielsen Vaerktöjsfabrik A/S
42,Koldingvej 42
6040 Vester Nebel