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High speed punching. New design of punching tools for high speed production and increased flexibility


The proposed research will produce a punching tool capable of running at very high speed (up to 2400 versus 900 - 1000 strokes today). A new design drastically increases the flexibility of the punching process. A new modular design allows a rapid change of parts of the complete tool. The industrial objective of the research is to reduce lead times in the product development cycle in the industries mentioned, and to increase production speed in the production of sheet metal parts. Whilst the above objectives apply primarily to the users of punching tools, the objective for the designers and manufacturers of the tools is to enhance competitiveness among European toolmakers by introducing a new and highly efficient design. Working speed as high as 2400 strokes per minute is obtainable by redesigning the tools, using lighter material than steel in the tool base (titanium is considered) in combination with punches and dies made of cemented carbides. Ideas as to how to apply elements of adaptive control in the tool will be tested, resulting in minimised breakage risk and increased speed. The project is proposed by a Danish and a Swedish SME, working jointly with a large user of punching tools and two research institutes.

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Danish Carbide Tools A/S
6430 Nordborg

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