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Material technology research and application wihtin thin shell reinforced plastics


Prime objectives for the project is research and development of thin shell reinforcement technology for complex geometry light weight products - with and without sandwich core structures. Basis for these innovations will be Sheet Moulding Compound and Dough Moulding Compound processing techniques. This technology is to be integrated with low cost tooling technology - to create new approaches to simplified innovation and development procedures for these kind of structures. The objectives are partly to be reached by employment of a common 3D CAD model through all phases of the development; design, Rapid Prototyping, Finite Element calculation, 3D flow analysis, tool modelling and production etc. For testing and application of the results of a general research phase, development, tooling and building of a new racing skate concept will be undertaken. This concept has been partly developed by some of the participants earlier, but it then proved to be unsuited for quantity production. As part of this development, thin shell technology/low cost tooling is to be integrated in new innovational shoe solutions and possibilities of friction reduction through steel alloys and surface treatment will be investigated.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Salpro A/S
1618 Frederikstad