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Knowledge based system for the design of forming sequences and tools in cold forging of fasteners for the automotive industry


The project consists in developing a system that assists in the definition of manufacturing sequences for forming, and tooling of parts by cold working of steel wire, leading to production rates ten times greater than with machining. The objective of concerned SMEs is to increase the throughput of their engineering shops, reducing by half the billet turnaround time between the beginning of the study of a part and start up of serial production; to improve the accuracy and the reliability of cost estimates; to obtain higher quality; and to benefit from feedback to the engineering shop of production experience. The principal R & D tasks will consist in: modelling of parts and of the steps in the forming processes, automatic selection of parts similar to the new part under study, using fuzzy filtering methods with a database, constituting expert modules transcribing the know how of the concerned SMEs regarding different types of forming, as an aid in validating the final production process. The project will lead to integration with the techniques of the different engineering shops, in association with CAD/CAM tools already used by operators. The expected consequences are: a significant increase in the competitiveness of the concerned SMEs thanks to reductions in cost and in engineering time, the ability to produce small series under competitive conditions and, thus, better resist imports of "simple" parts, especially from developing countries, an improved aptitude to manufacture complex parts, traditionally equiring
s of cold working: high hourly production rates and manufacturing without material loss, the upholding of a technological edge over countries having low labor costs.

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