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Highly Flexible and Low Cost Production Cell Adapted to Craft Pastry-Makers' Needs


This project gives a solution for the problems of production structures in traditional pastrymakers. The existing technology does not allow a change in the production structure (usually a daily production of high quality products) to adapt to the demand nowadays. There is a decrease in the demand of traditional pastry due to a change in the consumption habits and an increase in quality of industrial pastries.

A flexible cell has been designed, able to manufacture 12 products of 5 families of products. More products can be added with a low investment. The cell production rate allows the distribution of its products in an extended area, that now it is not accessible to artisanal pastries. This type of commerce is growing in decrease of traditional selling points.

The product presentation has been chosen in accordance with the distribution market and preservation procedures.
The cell design is technically supported by a group technology with the following characteristics:
- allow the production of different groups of products, named families, with an easy adaptation of the cell to each group production.
- allow the development of integration devices. From these integration devices stand out a software able to program the production lines to keep the production parameters at their desired values.
- allow the division and sequence of subprocesses and stocks to reach a self-regulation of the cell (kan ban)
- allow the definition of planning criteria to satisfy the products request without having the stop due to a lack of means of labor.

The project results will be exploited through the creation of a new company, with a free willing participation of the proposers. This company will progressively incorporate the developed technology.

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