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Innovative Fault-free Wood Wool Cement Board from Superior Wood Wool Produced by Operator-friendly, Environmentally Friendly and Cost Saving Methods


Boards of various width and thickness can be produced using the wood wool from the new rotating wood wool shredding machine which gives excellent results. Boards for acoustic ceilings with wood wool of 0.75mm wide can be attained with the complete omission of any chip or irregularity in the wood wool due to the slightly sidewise curved strands. These strands make it extremely unlikely that two strands line up parallel to each other as occasionally happens with straight strands.
The development of the rotating wood wool machine has brought about more advantages than just the savings of labour as originally aimed for. It is well known in the industry that the job of wood wool shredding is dangerous and dust and noise may harm the operator's health. As the rotating wood wool shredding machine operates fully automatically, no operators are needed, thus solving the problems concerning the operators health and dangerous working conditions.
In some countries in Europe, for reasons of safety, the traditional wood wool machines are not allowed to be serviced by hand while running and are now fully encaged. The machines have to be stopped before wood can be added, turned or removed, and can only be started again when the doors of the cage have been closed.
With the rotating wood wool shredding machine several interesting developments have been realized such as a quick snap-lock system for changing the knives in the disc, a continuously variable disc rotation speed and two shredding positions with each an advanced system to firmly hold the feed and wood blocks down to the disc.

The main properties of the rotating wood wool shredding machine are:
completely safe working environment;
due to the high capacity the machine, it replaces 8 to 10 traditional machines giving significant savings on labour costs, maintenance and floor space (the machine cuts up to 80000 single fibres per second);
excellent wood wool quality (dust free, of consistent width and thickness);
due to the newly developed slot knives it is now possible to products very fine wood wool with a width of 0.75mm and above;
the use of slot knives stops chips and whiskers being created (nobody is required to pick chips from the board surface after spreading);
the curling of the independent wood wool fibres in the direction of its thickness can be controlled by grinding different angles of the knives;
the thickness of the waste pieces are reduced to virtually zero.

Due to the automatic operation of the rotating wood wool shredding machine and the integrated automatic circular saw, it is now possible to completely automate the entire handling and transport of the wood blocks from the logging saw in the wood yard to the wood wool machines.


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