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Application of alternative technology to produce lightweight electronic power packages and encapsulations for hybrid semiconductor devices


A generic semiconductor package was defined in terms of design features and performance criteria. The development of aluminium alloy based powders, that could be subjected to Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and sintered, was restricted to powders that contained 70% silicon carbide particulate. A proprietary binder system was developed to a point that facilitated the Metal Injection Moulding of trial samples of the Metal Matrix Composite (MMC).

Technical delays were experianced in the development of a powder system that could be processed successfully by MIM and sintered to give a material that satisfied the required material properties, ie: with the presence of excessive porosity - which would not provide a hermetic encapsulation, and control of the material shrinkage to ensure accuracy of the finished near net shape part. These delays were incurred through an under appreciation of the high level of fundamental materials research required to progress the state-of-the-art to achieve the technical objectives that would result in the production of demonstrator near net shape encapsulations.

By the mid-term point the delays in the original project programme were such that the objectives were not attainable within the time and budget limitations of the Craft scheme and the decision was taken to close the project.


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