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Resaerch & Technological development to enable workholding & toolholding equipment to be produced unmanned in a jobbing shop type environment


The project will include researching, developing and improving state of the art machining methods, inspection, machine loading, monitoring and controls. This will enable components and assemblies (typically associated with the job shop environment) to be produced unmanned during "unsociable" hours. Crucial R&D will include; . design of component parts and assemblies for unmanned manufacture . computerised control, scheduling and loading of machine tools and processes . the ability of the machine to detect and anticipate toolwear/breakage, to compensate for variances or to change to sister tooling. . the ability of the machines to communicate with each other. . automated assembly. . reductions in lead times of 40% are expected. . cost reductions of 20% should be achievable.


Pool Road Side Copse
LS21 1JE Otley
United Kingdom