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Recycling of calcium carbonate used in flue gas decontamination


Through the introduction of National Environmental Legislation such as the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part 1 in the UK and EU member state equivalents, particularly in the heavy clay industries, eg. brick manufacturing, an environmental problem has been created in disposing of the waste product generated in the gas cleaning process. Gas is passed through quarried calcium carbonate and during the cleaning process the calcium carbonate reacts with the flue gases including hydrogen fluoride to produce calcium based compounds consisting of fluorides, sulphides and chlorides amongst others. This waste product is currently collected and used in land fill in designated sites. This is not only expensive but causes a high level of environmental damage due to potential leaking of contaminants into waterways etc. As the amount of waste increases through this cleaning process, so will the potential environmental hazard. This project is centred around the following key areas: i) The elimination of potential land fill conta by fluorides, chlorides and sulphides through the proposed introduction of waste recycling. ii) The reduction of the requirements for quarried calci carbonate through the proposed introduction of waste management and re-working of the waste for recycling in the gas cleaning process. iii) The developm of environmentally friendly applications containing contaminated and non-contaminated calcium carbonate materials. ie. to avoid land fill.


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