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Universal packing/unpacking equipement


Supplying parts to automated assembly-equipment always causes the problem of how to select the components needed for that order out of the bulk-stocks. Many products can not be selected using standard equipment like swingfeeders. These problems occur for a wide variety of products, here we especially mention the handling of precious pre-fabricated components (like lacqued parts), high tolerance parts, or components that can not easily be positioned for assembly (e.g. components (springs) that string together when put in a bulk storage) It not only occurs in the internal transport of products or components (in the production process). It also occurs when transporting components from suppliers to their customers. The goal of this project is to develop a standard low-cost product packing/unpacking device together with transport trays and to test the prototype in the plants of the participating SMEs. Both suppliers and their customers are participating in the project.

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