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Tratamento mecanico e quimico da superficie de malha


In this project the process for imparting to cotton a smooth surface and at the same time give it a discoloration effect with enzymes, will be taken a stage further than what is current practice. At present, this is done in standard washing machines without any control since the friction needed to obtain the effect is caused by stones. In the new process the effect can be controlled since the friction is obtained by the cloth being thrown against a grid and the speed of the cloth can be controlled. This has been tested for woven cloth with success, and in this project the process will be applied to knitwear The process is also chemical, with the application of enzymes and softeners for imparting a soft handle. The two actions i.e. mechanical and chemical, if overdone will affect the elasticity, resistance and dimensional properties of the knitwear, since its structure is a lot more delicate than woven cloth. In this project the recipe has to be carefully chosen to fit the mechanical process.

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Tecialgo - Sociedade de Acabamentos eManufacturas Texteis SA
270,rua das cavadas
4785 Trofa

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