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Noise control trims for liquid and gas flow in pipe lines within existing or close to control valves


Valves for high velocity fluid pipelines are used extensively throughout the process and power industries. However, when utilising them to implement flow control, the intrinsic pressure differentials created between the valve inlet and outlet can cause cavitation(in liquid systems) and high flow turbulence(in gas systems). Cavitation not only leads to serious boundary erosion but also vibration and objectional noise is observed. The energy used to throttle the flow in gas systems dissipates to form the aforementioned turbulence which is subsequently converted ill acoustic energy. This propagates down the length of the pipe and results in high levels of noise and vibration. The project seeks to research the basis for the development of a variable noise suppression system for high velocity fluid valves that, by adjusting the configuration ot the valve during operation, can deliver the requisite levels of attenuation in noise and vibration for a range of upstream pipe velocities and pressure differentials. Achieving this will help to substantially reduce the risk of premature failure. The project can be split into the following areas; a) advanced fluid dynamic techniques and comprehensive experimental testing, research into novel valve and baffle configurations to establish the requirements necessary to create a system capable of delivering the proposed variable noise suppression. b) Confirmation of the valves performan through extensive field testing under a range of valve velocity and pressure differential conditions. The main problems will lie in developing a valve geometry that is capable of delivering the same noise compensation over a large range of flow and pressure conditions. The research must show that the new development can improve on existing v alve designs by being more effective in the regions where static valve designs falter and as effective as a static valve configuration specifically designed to meet the flow and pressure differential conditions.

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