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Research and development of a new technology for eliminating "warping phenomena" in the production of corrugated board


With the current manufacturing technology of "corrugated board" some defects may be observed on the final product. The most important is the "warping" of the board: at the exit of the corrugator, the board (theoretically flat) sometimes may assume a curved shape due to an excessive moisture difference between the cover liners; the board behaves like a bimetallic material having different expansion coefficients. Such defect causes serious effects during board utilization in packaging phases, reducing machinaries performance, slowing their production rate and sometimes jeopardiizing the final product (box). Therefore it should be very interesting to set up a technology for eliminating "warping phenomena" or, at least, to reduce it considerably. At present, the control of "warping" is performed in many ways: acting on a lot of devices (such as the paper reels, the pre-conditioners, the pre-heaters, etc.), controlling and reducing the amount of adhesives, tuning the pressure on the backer liners and hence their temperature. However, such actions are not able to mitigate the problem significantly and therefore it is necessary to set up an innovative technology. The present proposal aims to modify the adhesive and the board quality beside the bonding process in order to allow a stable planar configuration to the final product, insensitive to the moisture and other factors.

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