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Developments in hydraulically powered pumps for safety critical systems


Safety critical systems such as pumps for oil and chemical tankers and mining applications require total assurance of reliability and safety. The most serious factor is fire risk, especially with low flash point chemicals and when methane is present in mine SHAFTS. To date. most of the cargo-pump systems installed in the tank buttoms on board tankers are driven through long shafts by electrical motors installed on the upper tank deck. With legislation on the pumping of toxic substances becoming increasingly more stringend. it appears that the traditional electrically powered pumping method is being superseded by hydraulically powered pumps to conform with these safety regulations. However, the use of hydraulic oils is also subject to environmental problems which would be alleviated by the use of an alternative medium This would present a number of problems: 1. Lubrication of moving parts is particularly difficult when not using oil as the hydraulic medium. 2. Corrosion of the pumps ferrous components. Initially. the project ill set out lo establish the technology and procedure required to develop an integral hydraulic drive and pumping system for oil and chemical tankers and other safety critical applications - such as mines. However, the main focus of the project will lie in the development of a hydraulic drive and pump system that is capable of using water as the hydraulic medium. Such advancements, especially the latter, will require the use of novel materials and design methodologies.


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