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A predective design method for machining advanced ceramics


The research will be carried out with the aim of realising an advancedmachining technique for glass and tough structural ceramics capable of reducingthe machining time with 10% and better controlling of the surface roughness. Toutilize the machined parts in several products a cheaper metal-joiningtechnique is developed. There is a growing demand for structural ceramics andglass in Europe and the rest of the world. They are used in valves, turbines,opto-electronical devices and in equipment for the semiconductor technology. Uptill now, machining is responsible for 80% of the cost of high precisionstructural ceramic products. The structural ceramics market is growing in Japanand USA mainly due to the lowering of the machining cost of ceramics. TheEuropean growth of advanced ceramic market lacks behind because of the poorunderstanding of machining parameters. Improving this technique would give >European competitive advantage to fill an already developing industrial demand.Research will be carried out by a multi disciplinary team concentrating onimproved machining conditions, lubricants and diamond tools, and on producing apredictive design method for machining ceramic preforms and tough advancedceramics, as function of their composition. The potential reduction of cost of machining advanced ceramics (European market) is 40 MECU/year.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Louwers Hapert Glastechniek BV
5527 Ag Hapert