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Elaboration d'un prototype de reacteur polyvalent pour la synthese de molecules organiques de pointe, selon les technologies physico-chimiques les plus performantes


The research project has for purpose the necessary physico-chemical, electromechanical and economical studies as well as the setup of an experimental workshop made up of one reactor with its related equipment for the synthesis of top organical molecules mainly for the pharmaceutical industry. The synheses are to be performed in very extreme conditions of corrosion, temperatures (-100 Celsius-180C), vacuum (2 mbars) and pressure (6 bars). These reactional conditions are usually individually obtained in separated and specialised equipments for dedicated productions. The originality of the research project is to imagine and conceive a multi-purpose prototype for the custom synthesis. This tool would integrate all the working conditions in one machine and develop new possibilities in production's flexibilities. The research will also include the draw up of the list of the chemical reactions to consider.


Benechim SA
163,Rène Margeritte
7860 Lessines