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Flow measurement for control of oilfield pipelines and pneumatic conveyors


Flow meters for oil field pipelines and pneumatic conveyors will be designed by Fluenta a/s Norway and Process Tomography Ltd. UK. who have the following research objectives A. Solids Flow in Sliding Beds/Pneumatic Transport i. Apply electrical capacitance tomography to measure the solids concentration profile. ii. Measure the velocity profile by cross correlation B. Oil fie/d Pipelines i. Apply electrical capacitance tomography to determine the flow regime. ii. Use the flow regime information to improve the accuracy of an existing oil/gas/water flow meter when used in highly disturbed flows iii. Incorporate a gamma densitometer using a very low strength source, for gas content measurement iv. Incorporate a new high frequency dielectric technique to measure the water content over a 0-100% range C. Both instruments Incorporate customised silicon technology to improve performance and reliability. The result will be new instrumentation for:- a) oil/gas component flow measurement (especially important for exploiting marginal oil fields) b) solids flow measurement and control (transport at minimum energy cost and minimum breakage).

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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