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Study of environmentally friendly formulation vehicles for toxic agrochemicals


Current toxic agrochemical formulation technology can lead to pollution and toxicity problems to n an, animals and birds. The study will aim to reduce the active agrochemical material usage by up to 80%: reduce product smell to a minimun: reduce pollution by up to 90%: increase product safety: reduce the incidence of toxicity to a minimum: increase the product shelf life by up to 50%; and reduce contamination to a minimum. The RTD goals to meet these aims are: contain the active agrochemical on an inert porous granule: add a stabiliser to the granule: coat the granule with a coating to select the agrochemical release: further develop the formulation ingredients to meet the above goals. It is intended to do this by the study of new formulation vehicles which retain the toxic active ingredient in an inactive form unless the target species is present.

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United Phosphorus Ltd.
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