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Automatisation of eggs storage piloted by computer


In egg conditioning industry, up to now, all the handling between the grading machine and the final packaging machine are only hand-made. The aim of the project is developing a computer driven innovative system to automate the whole process in order to work either on order (just in time) or on order anticipation (storage management). Objectives of the project are: 1. High speed handling machine The proposed system will have to work with the fastest grading machine (120 000 eggs per hour) 2. Intelligent sensor (video control system) This system will have to recognise each incoming egg plate from the grading machine in order first to classify them per size and categories and second to detect defective eggs which have to be rejected. 3. Process monitoring by computer It will have to integrate all the production line in order to send, the egg plate directly to the packaging machine or in a storage unit to wait for re-handling according to the data from the video control system (production cost reduced by 10 to 20%). 4. Storage unit The egg plate have to wait for order in a specific storage unit before re-handling to go to the packaging machine. The complete system will include camera, illumination system, hardware and image processing, l rocess control and storage management softwares. All these technologies will be integrated in the current production line and tested during this project in egg conditioning SMEs. A successful conclusion to the project will help the very small companies involved in this sector in order to satisfy their productivity, competitiveness and quality objectives.

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