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Technologies for the configuration of the surface and for joining of parts of foamed aluminium


The project deals with working up of foamed aluminium for making marketable products for architecture and furnishing. Especially technologies for the configuration of the surface and for joining of foamed aluminium will be investigated, developed and optimised. General aims of the project are: - prettiness of products - reproducibility of properties of surfaces and joinings - economical efficient procedures - avoiding of ecological problems with procedures and products Important working fields (with respect to foamed aluminium) are: - "cut" (saw, lathe, mill, erode) - mechanical surface treatment (grind, brush, sandblast, polish) - painting, varnish - chemical surface treatment (corrode, eloxadize) - soldering and welding - adhesive bonding (design, adhesives) - clamping, tucking - foamed in attachment elements

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Zeitform Design GmbH
4040 Linz

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