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Thixo-forging of ferrous metals


The manufacturing of application parts using Thixo-forming is mainly limited to aluminium alloys, whereby Thixo-Casting is employed. The domain of Thixo-Forging of ferrous materials is yet quite unknown in Europe. The aim of the proposed research program is to investigate the fundamentals of thixo-forging of ferrous materials. In this connection, an appropriate starting material for thixo-forging will be initially developed by means of both a thermomechanical and rheo-cast treatment. The manufactured samples will be subsequently heated to the process temperature in an inductive thermal plant. Forging tests will be carried out with concrete testing tools. The technological data obtained with the samples will be compared with values obtained for conventionaly forged and cast parts. The advantages of thixo-forged units relative to conventionally forged parts lie especially in the drastic lower energy consumption required for the forging process. Furthermore, the process is carried out with smaller, cheaper machines and new classes of constructional parts are generated due to the increased formability at expected strength properties comparable to conventionally forged parts. The European forging industry -mostly consisting of SME companies- is affected by the intense competitive pressure as a result of the production of conventional die-forged parts in low-wage countries outside Europe. This development can only be counteracted by the introduction of new and innovative manufacturing technologies

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