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Development of high speed, multi-form rolling technology for high volume production of cylindrical steel fastening components


The industrial objective of the proposed RTD is to provide SMEs, currently manufacturing turned components on multi-spindle automated lathes, with an alternative technology able to produce similar components at a significantly higher output and lower cost. Once a European supply base, possessing a price and performance advantage, has been established through the development of the proposed technology, it will be possible to export the technology in the form of materials and manufacturing equipment to US and Eastern Block markets, also requiring these products. The technical objectives relate to the development of a high speed, multi-form rolling technology to convert cold forged blanks into finished components incorporating heads, shoulders, threads, barbs and other fastening features along the component's length. The major goals involve the development of: 1) A computer aided design technology able to predict the optimum cold forged blank shape and size for input into the proposed multi-form rolling process. 2) A method of rolling internal detail forms at high speed and high accuracy. 3) A mechatronic based arrangement for a multi-functional and rapidly configurable set of rolling heads to simultaneously create up to four dissimilar forms along a component's length.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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