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Pffshore oil & gas plateform access system


Due to the current economic and environmental climate, there is a vital requirement within the offshore oil and gas industry to improve operational safety and reduce overall costs. One element which has an unfavourable impact upon both of these sensitive issues is helicopter transportation in offshore operations. It is proposed to design and develop a unique vessel-mounted platform access system to eliminate the use of helicopters. This will not only offer the operators a more predictable and routine method of personnel and equipment landing, but will also enable an emergency and rescue capability. Consequently, it will offer economic viability and safe operation of otherwise non-viable developments whilst improving the efficiency of current fields. The main objective of this proposal is to design develop and commission a tailored prototype for offshore trials on a production system involving offshore operators, health and safety regulators and vessel owners.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Ocean Technical Systems Ltd.
Station Approach
SM2 7AU Cheam
United Kingdom