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Nitrided tetrahedric carbon coatings for automotive components


The research program will involve the development of a high volume, low cost process, for the deposition of nitrided carbon (CNx) coatings onto automotive components. The development will derive from the newly patented principles of one of the partners which are based upon the formation of carbon layers containing interstitial nitrogen with the -N< bonding type. The layers have intrinsic physical properties vastly superior to conventional carbon coatings containing nitrogen with -N = N- type of bonding. The specifications of the new costing are as follows; hardness up to 8000Hv, very high levels of adhesion to the substrate, low coefficients of friction (<0.1 micron), and thermal stability up to 800 degree C. The costed surface will hence have exceedingly low wear rates, and due to the additional 'lubricating' or low friction nature, the counterpart material will also not be subject to wear. The project will represent a great advance in terms of both costing performance and unit cost. It should lead to the widespread use of the coatings in the automotive component sector.

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