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The development of autofocussing biometric iris identification technology for security systems


A persons iris is their most unique visible characteristic and it has long been recognised that the iris has huge potential for use as a biometric security device. There are, however, huge practical problems associated with the development of viable security devices, mainly relating to the difficulties involved in the actual capture of the iris image which must be a fast, user friendly process. Complex computer algorithms to achieve mapping and coding of the iris have been recently developed but this has still not lead to the production of viable iris scanning technology. There is a need for much technical and equipment development work to produce an acceptable system. The main development need is in auto focusing and vision recognition technology to allow instantaneous recognition and capture of an individuals iris. In addition significant equipment development work is required to provide for a unit small enough to be conveniently situated as demanded by the end users and yet contain all the necessary lighting and camera requirements, terminal interfacc circuitry and software and network capability. The SME partners in this application have identified a unique opportunity to utilise the computer algorithms for iris mapping, through license, and develop simple, small, low cost security devices for a whole range of applications. The main technical goals within this project will be as follows: I ) The development of d sensing electronics and vision recognition techniques for the automatic focusing of the system onto an iris as a face moves towards the camera. 2) The development of optics, video camera equipment and illumination techniques to facilitate the capture of the iris. 3) The development of v grabber circuitry to be integrated into the camera housing to facilitate the digital transmission of the iris image. 4) l he development of software network capability to interface the access computer terrninal with oyerall system decision criteria. These goals will be verified through the production of a small, low cost biometric iris security system which will be demonstrated in a range of security applications. Initial proposed applications of the system are as a doorway security access system and for use in combination with a conventional PC to replace the computer password for access into sensitive and confidential computer systems.


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