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High performance low cost motorcycle helmets


The aim of the project is to carry out a research and development programme aimed at developing an innovative motorcycle helmet, that may be regarded as the prototype for the next generation of helmets. The principle behind the research is to increase the safety of helmets as part of a wider concept that can be summarised as follows: The two areas of research described above are closely interconnected because it is necessary to proceed with a complete redesign of helmets in order to integrate the properties listed. An organic R&D action is extremely important for European producers because the average technological level of output is inferior to that of competitors and the development of innovative and low cost technologies and production processes requires a major effort that the industries are unable to make individually at present. One of the most innovative aspects of the helmets to be developed will be the capacity to reduce internal noise levels. This aspect is not taken into consideration at present in existing motorcycle technology although recent research has shown that even at moderate speed the level of noise inside the helmet, which is mainly due to aerodynamic rustle, may reach extremely high values (95dB at 90 Km/h). This reduces the comfort of the rider and prevents him/her from hearing surrounding sounds that might warn of danger. The answer to this problem may lie, first of all, in the most advanced passive acoustic technologies, which allow selective absorption of sound and only keep back undesirable noise. In addition, aerodynamic studies and research on materials may help to alter the frequencies produced inside the helmet so that they differ from those to which the human ear is most sensitive (1250. 1500 Hz).
This will require careful analysis of
structural and aerodynamic problems and those relating to materials, bearing firmly in mind that the idea is to develop a high performance helmet for widespread marketing and therefore at reasonable cost. The aim is to bring a product with high performance in terms of safety and comfort within the range of the general public and improve the technical level of European production, which has a generally poor technical content at present.


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