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Advanced grinding process for near net shape forming tools


Wear resistant tools for near net shape forming processes are used in the capital and investive goods industry. Examples can be given from the internal profiling by calibrating of tubes or the punching of vessels and cans. The tools used in this field have to cover high wear resistance and form/profile accuracy. Due to the difficult forming operation sequences in the near net shape manufacturing processes the tool geometries are mainly based on free-form or complex regular surfaces (rotational symetric). The materials used for tool manufacturing are in general hard alloy metals (carbides) to serve the manufacturing demands. The objective of this project is to reduce the cycle time for grinding of near net shape forming tools. This will be achieved by use of an advanced CNC high-speed grinding process with specialised diamond wheels. The grinding wheeis will be developed and designed according to the new grinding process requirements. A small series of new wheels will be manufactured for an experimental use under practical industrial conditions. A suitable tool dressing operation will be investigated and optimized for industrial application. Furthermore, an oil-based cooling lubricant will be optimized due to minimum of tool wear, surface integrity and quality as well as environmental and health aspects. An experimental environment based on an external high speed grinding machine tool will be established. The machine tool will be equipped with specified sensors for on-line and in-situ monitoring and surveillance of the process.


Overbeck Herborn GmbH
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