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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Development and production of an automated lay-up system for pcbs


While the most processing areas in the fabrication of printed circuit boards are commonly highly automated, the material is still manually handled for the multilayer stack up. This time consuming manual process is resulting in higher positioning tolerances and is one of the main limiting factors for further integration of multilayer boards. Generation of glasfiber and resin dust particles can not be avoided during this process and has to be considered as a serious hazard for human health. The objective of the project is to develop a fully automated layup process and build a repective prototype of this system. In comparison to the common production processes in the printed circuit fabrication this system is planned to have an advanced automation level with precise optical alignment and automatic feeding of innerlayer sheets, prepregs and foils. The dimensional variation of the innerlayers will be better controlled by using a multitude of affixing points around the panel boarder. This will allow more accurate prediction and compensation of the dimensional changes. Precise optical alignment will provide efficient bases for volume production of high density multilayer boards. Productivity improvement of about 50 % can be achieved with the implementation of this system. In addition to improvements of technology and productivity a significant optimisation of working environment and job attractivity can be realised. The functional prototype will demonstrate the capabilities of the technology and is considered to support the acceptance in the market place.

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