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New materials deriving from cellulocis fibers, agricultural commodities and wastes


This research project will be developed in order to utilize some low costs cellulosic fibers and lignocellulosic commodities deriving from agriculture . The following objectives will be pursued: 1 - Achievement of non-woven from European fibers like flax and hemp, recycled papers, sorghum and biodegradable binders (starches, lignin); 2 - Achievement of polymeric (thermoplastic or thermosetting) based composites reinforced with natural fibers deriving from annual crops. Steps of proposed research programme: 1 - Preparation of starch-based materials with high amylose content in order to decrease the water absorption. 2 - Preparation of blends with starch products and synthetic polymers (polypropylene, polycaprolactone and nylon) or bacterial biodegradable polyesters (polyhydroxybutyrate and its copolymers) . 3 - Preparation and characterisation of non-woven (dry and wet laid using as binder neat starch and its derivates and lignin). 4 - Preparation of composite materials having as matrices thermosetting or thermoplastic polymers reinforced with annual plants fibers. S - Evaluation of biodegradability of obtained products and their environmental impact and industrial applications of some manufactured.

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